Meet The Committee Part 4

It’s time to get back to our Meet the Committee series and this week we meet…me – the one behind the blog, Mrs Sarah Clarkson.

How long have you been a member of Encore Theatre Company?
13 years

When and why did you join ETC?

I joined Encore in 2002. I had just finished a dance and performing arts course at Wakefield College and felt like something was missing after starting work full time.
My mum found an advert for auditions in the Pontefract and Castleford Express for the show Annie…a show I had previously been involved in at school and said to go for it. I did, loved it, made a lot of great friends doing it and now I couldn’t see my life without it…so I guess the rest is history!

Do you have any favourite show/s you have performed in?

There are probably too many to have a favourite as I have loved being part of them all but

IMG_0129 (1)
Sarah as Bud in ‘The Good, the Bad and the Panto’

if I had to choose, Guys and Dolls has to be up there. I played one of the hot box dancers and don’t think I have laughed as much and any chance to dance is like a dream. Being cast in Little Shop of Horrors is also a highlight…an all-time favourite show of mine where I played Chiffon which was vocally one of the best parts I’ve played. I can’t answer
this question without mentioning performing in Pantomime as it is hilarious making up many of the silly comedy characters I have played but I think Bud was the best by far…I loved that idiot and hope he can come back soon!


Tell us your favourite role/s? (Past roles and dream ones)

My favourite roles have to be Nancy in Oliver and Chiffon in Little Shop of Horrors.
There are so many dream roles to choose from but it has to be Mr’s Lovett from Sweeney Todd!

Sarah as Nancy in ‘Oliver’

How long have you served on the committee?

I have been a member of the committee for almost 3 years now, practically a baby!

What was your reason for joining the committee?

I joined the committee and wanted to look more into the on-line roles that were missing. We already had a website but I wanted to find my feet and branch out to social media. Most recently I have started an ETC blog to help with promotion of the shows and find a wider audience.

What are your roles and responsibilities?

I was voted onto the committee as Members Representative in April 2013, and my role involves being the link between the committee and the membership. I am officially the person members speak to if they need to pass something onto the committee. I am also there to help other committee members and their roles. I have also taken on the role of social media pest and spend a lot of time posting on-line and writing and coordinating blogs to help us branch out further.

Describe a task you have completed for this year’s committee?

This year I have created the official Encore Theatre Company Blog. I spend a lot of my spare time reading and watching lifestyle and beauty blogs and after searching for hours for theatre blogs and thinking there was something missing I wondered if I could come up with something myself to show people a little bit more of what is involved with Encore. I wanted to show more from back stage and what it’s like being part of the Encore family…it seems to be going well so far and people are actually reading it so that’s a bonus!

Sarah as Louise in ‘Carousel’

What are the main challenges facing the committee?

Main challenges have to be financial ones, and choosing a show, it becomes a struggle when money is concerned. This year’s show was difficult to choose as it is not a very well-known show so all of our efforts have to be towards promotion. The alternative would have been a costly one to produce so the pro’s and con’s had to be weighed up before a choice could be made. It is easy to let the money control decisions but all of the committee come to these decisions based on what is best for the company and we always create something amazing in the end.

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