Hog Roast Blog Post

20160702_192645smOn Saturday 2nd July Encore Theatre Company hosted a fundraising event at the Magnet Pub in Castleford. On this occasion it was a Hog Roast social with a disco, karaoke, competitions and an impromptu freestyle dance solo!

The evening was the perfect way to relax and catch up after our successful run of ‘Bad Girls’ recently. Things are pretty hectic on the run up to show week so it was nice to just sit back, recall the events of the previous month and look back on a job well done. The hog roast sandwiches went down a treat, before everyone (who wanted to!) could burn it off on the dance floor.20160702_220334sm

One young man who certainly wanted to was five year old Lukas Heins who took to the
dance floor not once, but twice, with off-the-cuff dance performances which ended with rapturous rounds of applause and everyone on their feet!

20160702_193211smThe kids were set a drawing challenge during the evening, and were asked to obtain marks for their works of art from each of the tables in the room. Congratulations to Imogen Maher for her winning picture.20160702_203106sm

Sue Sheppard won a bottle of whisky for rolling her pound
coin across the dance floor and leaving it closest to the bottle at the other side, this despite stiff competition from Steve Robinson and some less successful attempts from other participants (myself included!)

Congratulations to all the raffle winners and thanks to those who donated the fantastic prizes!

Thanks also to Michelle and staff for the catering and superb hog roast, and to DJ John for the music and organising the other activities throughout the night.

Finally, a big thank you to the friends and family of Encore members who attended this fundraiser. I’m sure our members who were unable to attend will appreciate that without support from these people at events like this, they would not have the same opportunities to perform with us on stage.
Phil Clarkson

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NODA Review

Morning everyone!

I hope you are all coping with the withdrawal after such a great time during Bad Girls The Musical and hope everyone who attended enjoyed last night’s Hog Roast.

Today I wanted to share with you two Reviews we received from Noda representatives for Bad Girls The Musical!


First we have a review from Les Smith

I thoroughly enjoyed Bad Girls, it is a few years since I have seen this and had forgotten all the great songs in it. I thought the cast was excellent, everyone playing to their strengths in the various roles and I am sure you could feel the venom towards Phil Clarkson as Jim Fenner, he was superb and managed to get every ounce of evilness from the part.

One of my favourite songs in this is Freedom Road sung by Crystal and the Prisoners, it was electric and I am sure there will have been hair standing on the whole audience’s necks, I know there was on mine and it well deserved the applause it received at the end.

There was not a weak link in this show, everyone playing their parts to the full and I doubt that anyone could have got more from them. The set design and lighting was second to none, once again using all the space to create not only the prison wing but also the offices and Helen Stewart’s home. It was ingenious using the tables and chairs stowed away under the set to make the scene changes run so smoothly, the crew deserved a round of applause for the slick changes.

Many congratulations to all concerned, Andy Lunn, Sarah Crowley and Bev Maher must be very pleased with the end result.

Once again many thanks for your kind invitation.

Les Smith
Development Award Assessor, Progression Mentor.
Prince’s Trust

Our second review comes from our representative Noel Rigg


Bad Girls the musical is based on the T.V. drama series. The book tells the story of life in a women’s prison with all the many conflicting factions between the inmates and the prison officers and indeed amongst each factions themselves. The story is very hard-hitting in content with very strong sexual overtones running through it all the time. The casting was very strong in all roles. Eleanor Aldous (Helen Stewart Wing Governor) was most convincing in her attempts to bring reforms to prison attitudes. Phil Clarkson (The over sexed Principal Officer Jim Fenner) played the role with great conviction as did Sue Sheppard (Sylvia “Bodybag” Hollamby Senior Officer). They both gave great support to each other. The main inmates at the fictional HMP Larkhall were Becci Calvert (Nikki Wade) who hoped for early parole, Bev Maher (Shell Dockley) and Sarah Clarkson (Denny Blood) both very hardfaced belligerant characters and Pam Robinson (Yvonne Atkins) was an outstanding ‘Top Dog’. They all gave brilliant portrayals and were superbly produced as did Hannah Goodall (Rachel Hicks) as the new inmate who is very naive and is being bullied by all the other inmates and Jim Fenner leading to her suicidal death. The show was well produced and the scaffolds type stage set gave much credence to the dramatic story line.
Thank you to Noel and Les at NODA for such great reviews and we hope you enjoy our Pantomime Snow White in December!

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I am still looking for any old photographs and memories you can share with us so send us an email.
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