Meet the cast…Simon

This week we introduce another member of the cast Simon Zealotes played by one of ETC’s more recognisable faces Paul Barron

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“You will rise to a greater power, We will win ourselves a home.” Simon Zealotes – JCS

Simon profile

Simon Zealotes (PHOTO COURTESY OF Nicole Walton Photography )

Name: Paul Barron
Character Name:  Simon Zealotes

Tell us a bit about your character: He’s one of the apostles but not necessarily happy with Jesus’ passive approach to change. He wants Jesus to recognise the power he has and use it to rouse the masses into violent action against the Romans. That said, he’s still supportive of Jesus and what he’s trying to achieve.
What’s your favourite song in the show and why? I should say my own but I think it’s probably ‘Heaven on their Minds’ – that’s the one I’d happy listen to on repeat time after time. In terms of one I’m actually involved in singing, I’d say ‘The Last Supper’. It’s so good to hear a large group of male voices which we haven’t had at Encore in a long time. I’ve also managed to learn a harmony for once in my life!
What other shows have you been involved in? I’ve been with ETC for around 15 years so I’ve done quite a few. ‘Anything Goes’ was my first and then I’ve played Fagin in ‘Oliver’, Nathan Detroit in ‘Guys and Dolls’ and the voice of the Plant in ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ amongst others. I also play the Dame in the pantomime and I’m looking forward to getting back in my frock after a break last year!
Simon crowd  

Simon and the cast  (PHOTO COURTESY OF Nicole Walton Photography )

Everyone knows the story of Jesus Christ Superstar but what can you tell us about Encore’s version that makes it different? To be honest, very little at the moment. Musically, it’s such a challenge that we’ve spent so much time getting the sound right, the look and feel of it is still to come. I know that it’s set ‘out of time’ in that it’s non-specific to any particular time period, which should be interesting. I also know from experience that one thing Andy Lunn, our director, regularly does is to make a show look amazing so I’m looking forward to seeing the lighting and stage design.
Best or worst moment on stage? Best moment is probably conducting the whole audience in a rendition of ‘Let It Go’ during a panto, which just came out of nowhere. There’ve been a few moments of unscripted laughter as well which are always enjoyable. I’m not sure about worst. Maybe an unplanned fall in a panto which revealed my less than feminine underwear to the audience!
What is your favourite lyric from the show? Tough question! I really like the line ‘Jesus is cool’ but it’s not in this version of the show! I’m going to stick with that one then nobody can be offended I didn’t choose a line from their song!
What musical moment was it that made you think…I want to do that? I’ve been doing it so long I can’t remember! It’s not something I grew up with so I presume it must have been some moment at school. ‘Grease’ was the first show I did when I was about 12 so we’ll blame that.
Peter simon Jesus  

Peter, Jesus and Simon (PHOTO COURTESY OF Nicole Walton Photography )

What are you enjoying most about being part of Encore Theatre Company? Having fun! This show is definitely the most challenging I’ve ever been involved in but everyone still enjoys the hard work and it sounds amazing!
What else do you do besides singing, dancing & acting? I’m a season ticket holder for Castleford Tigers so this season especially there’s a lot of enjoyment to be had there! Other than that, with 3 year old twins, there’s not much time for anything else!
Thank you Paul for answering the questions for this weeks blog!

Thank you for reading!
Don’t forget to send me any old photographs you may have from previous Encore shows especially from Jesus Christ Superstar performed in 1984!
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