Meet the cast…Caiaphas

Hi everyone and welcome back to the blog, This week we introduce another cast member Phil Clarkson who takes on the role of  Caiaphas in Jesus Christ Superstar.

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“I see blood and destruction, Our elimination because of one man” Caiaphas – JCS

Name: Phil Clarkson

Character Name: Caiaphas

Caiaphas 1
Caiaphas (PHOTO COURTESY OF Nicole Walton Photography )



Tell us a bit about your character: Caiaphas is the High Priest who organised the plot to kill Jesus to avoid him being crowned King. Although he’s seen as one of the ‘baddies’ in the story, he’s doing what he thinks is right. He knows that as more and more people start seeing Jesus as their leader, the ruling Romans will be forced to retaliate resulting in the suffering of many Jews (followers of Jesus or not).

What’s your favourite song in the show and why? ‘Could We Start Again Please?’. I’m partial to a good melody line and a bit of harmony. This song captures the mood of the moment really well and could be a song we’re singing at the end of show week!

What other shows have you been involved in? My first show with Encore was Oklahoma, though I was a member of the orchestra rather than on stage for that. After a few more years as a musician I ventured onto stage for a small role in Calendar Girls and then volunteered to be the plant puppeteer in Little Shop of Horrors. My first full role on stage was that of Jigger in Carousel and my most recent, Jim Fenner in Bad Girls the Musical.

Phil Clarkson as Caiaphas (PHOTO COURTESY OF Nicole Walton Photography )

Everyone knows the story of Jesus Christ Superstar but what can you tell us about Encore’s version that makes it different? It’s different from the original in that it’s not set 2000 years ago! Like some more recent versions of the show it’s set in a sort of timeless era – but definitely more up to date. If you’ve seen any of our recent shows under Andy Lunn, our Director, you’ll know to expect some quality staging and lighting.

Best or worst moment on stage? I’ve only been on stage for three or four years, so don’t have enough moments to pick a best or worst as yet. However, my most memorable moment on stage so far is being handcuffed to a bed after having my trousers pulled down and being taunted with a cigarette lighter!

What is your favourite lyric from the show? “Die if you want to, you innocent puppet!”

What musical moment was it that made you think…I want to do that? I don’t think there was one moment, but Mum and Dad used to take my brother and I to the theatre regularly as kids, including many trips to London and the West End. As with anything, if you see something you love, you naturally want to be involved.

judas caiaphas
Caiaphas and Judas (PHOTO COURTESY OF Nicole Walton Photography )

What are you enjoying most about being part of Encore Theatre Company? The comradery and the challenge. This is a very welcoming group of people; there’s always someone happy to see you and have a chat or help you out. It’s also challenging for me as a relatively inexperienced singer and actor – each show has given me something different to work on (this year it’s getting my voice down to D2 (2 octaves below middle C!)

What else do you do besides singing, dancing & acting? (Did someone tell you I can dance?!) I have recently taken over the role of publicity officer for Encore and am the Band Director of the Castleford Young Musicians Concert Band, supporter of Castleford Tigers and amateur photographer, so plenty to keep me busy when not on Encore duties!

Thank you Phil for answering our questions for this weeks blog.

Thank you for reading!
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