Meet the cast…Mary

Hello everyone, this week it’s the turn of our Social Media Coordinator Sarah Clarkson who will be answering our questions she will performing as Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar.

Tickets are available here so book now to avoid disappointment!

“I never thought I’d come to this, what’s it all about?” – Mary 

Name: Sarah Clarkson

a Mary
Sarah Clarkson as Mary (PHOTO COURTESY OF Nicole Walton Photography )

Character: Mary Magdalene

Tell us a bit about your character: Mary is a true follower of Jesus and is a real complex character. She is a very strong woman who has a real caring and gentle nature but yet she is pretty tough and finds herself struggling to deal with the fact that she falls completely in love with Jesus. Deep down I think she knows something significant will happen and she’ll ultimately lose him.

What’s your favourite song in the show and why? Ooof, tough question! I’ve been a huge fan of the show for so long that I’m going to struggle to choose…but If forced I’d have to say Gethsemane…and Could We Start Again Please…both break my heart every time!

What other shows have you been involved in? I’ve been with ETC since 2002 so it is currently my 15th year performing with them. I’ve enjoyed so many but I’d say the best have to be Guys and Dolls just for the dance routines and Little Shop of Horrors for the harmonies and amount of hard work that paid off!


Sarah in rehearsal (PHOTO COURTESY OF Nicole Walton Photography )

Everyone knows the story of Jesus Christ Superstar but what can you tell us about Encore’s version that makes it different? Hmmm…tricky, we are heading for a timeless/no sense of era version this time so anything goes, plus we are aiming for a post-apocalyptic style so it’s a bit earthy and dirty…hopefully not giving too much away haha!


Best or worst moment on stage? Worst moment has to be during panto of Once Upon a Time when I played my first princess role as Lottie and had to shout out the Dame’s name Gertie but instead shouted my own name and it made no sense…mortified!
Best moment is more difficult as there have been so many but I think my best moment has to be performing the ballet from Carousel…dance routines like that don’t come along very often and a chance to play Louise and dance something lyrical with a partner will always be special to me.

What is your favourite lyric from the show? “Hurry up and tell me, this is just a dream”

What musical moment was it that made you think…I want to do that?
I don’t think I have a specific moment that made me think…Yes that’s what I want to do but I have always loved singing and listening to music, it just makes me happy. I have always been involved in performing from an early age and at school I took part in musicals/dance shows.

Mary & Jesus (PHOTO COURTESY OF Nicole Walton Photography )

What are you enjoying most about being part of Encore Theatre Company?
The fact that we are like a massive family and even though rehearsals can be hard work everyone has a laugh. It’s a happy society and I’ve got so many brilliant memories with such an amazing bunch of people.

What else do you do besides singing, dancing & acting? I am the Social Media Coordinator for Encore as a member of the committee and spend quite a lot of my time working on blog posts like this one and promoting the shows online. I work as a Dental Nurse full time and I am also a member of the Castleford Young Musicians…if I find any “spare” time I enjoy cooking, especially with wine…and gin!


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