About Encore Theatre Company

Formerly Featherstone & District Amateur Musical & Dramatic Society, the Society was formed during the Second World War on 14 September 1943 and, even through these difficult times, succeeded financially and with its quality of production.  In these early years, the Society visited the forces, providing entertainment in normally isolated and inaccessible places.
The first production as Featherstone Society was The Pirates of Penzance in 1944, with a change from Gilbert & Sullivan to musical comedy in 1946.

The Society has adapted to many different styles of production over the years, in a variety of venues, from the very traditional musical comedies to pantomimes.  In more recent years the Society received much acclaim for its high standard of production, in particular such challenging, modern musicals as Jesus Christ Superstar and new releases such as Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and The King With Cold Feet – all amateur premieres at the time.

In 1995 the Company promoted its new image when it became Encore Theatre Company, but still remains proud of its Featherstone roots.
As well as performing musical shows, the Company is also proud of its support over the years to local charitable organisations which have benefited from the staging of fundraising cabaret performances on their behalf.
Encore Theatre Company looks forward with enthusiasm and confidence to celebrating many more years of entertainment.

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